Interactive Page

This page shows various interactive techniques that are incorporated into this website.

Knight This 3d Interactive viewer is created by SketchFAB and is the most recent addition to this page. There is no plugin required so the user simply has to click on the image to navigate around a 3d Model. The link to the left shows an example of how this works.
Roof Framing 3d model of a third storey addition
Cut away view showing first floor
Model showing unfinished view of a typical wood framing condition for a house
This page shows a Flash animation that allows the user to affect the direction and speed of a ladybug on screen by moving a joystick. It gives the user a very smooth navigation experience. Of course, if you are viewing this page from an ipad, there will be nothing there. The programming to carry out this interaction is complicated (and borrowed from sample flash animations that came with software).