144 Hammersmith Avenue

Third Floor and Rear Addition


Site Plan and Notes Site Plan & Aerial Photo Site Survey
Tree Protection Plan Wall/Floor/Roof Types  Basement Existing
Basement Proposed First Floor Existing First Floor Proposed
Second Floor Existing Second Floor Proposed Third Floor Proposed
Third Floor Framing Roof Plan Roof Framing
Elevations (Front / Side) Elevations (Rear / Side)  Section A (Existing) 
Section A (Proposed) Section Front Porch Section New Wall
Section Rear Deck Section B 3d Framing - Joists
3d Framing - Joists 3d Framing - Subfloor 3d Framing - Walls
3d Framing - Roof  3d Framing - Rear   

See Interactive page here with 3d Model