326 Carlaw Avenue

Birds eye view from North West

Interior view of suite from kitchen
Roof Deck
An interior set of stairs leads up to a roof deck and entertainment area. As a result of recent changes to the zoning bylaw, spaces like these are now permitted on certain buildings in the area. The result is a more activated public space on a rooftop which would otherwise be unused and barren.
The roof deck is set up to rest on a 'Railway Tie' joist system of 4x4 pressure treated wood supports spaced at a distance of 24" on centre. These joists are brought to bear directly on an existing steel structure below. This structural condition is set up to avoid any added loading to an existing tongue and groove wood deck system which currently spans approximately 7'-0" between steel supports.

Drawing Set
Site Plan / Roof Plan / Notes / Details
Stair Enclosure Plan
Suite Floor Plan 
Stair Enclosure (Isometric)